Spearpoint Ranch Long Distance Rifle Match

Spearpoint Ranch

For those interested in shooting some longer range targets, we will be having a multigun match to include precision rifles on targets out to approximately 1200 yds. This match will be at our place near Barnard, Ks.

Next Match Feb 3rd at 9:00Am. Please show up a little early to register or let Steve know if your going to be late. Round count will be a minimum of 60 rounds but you will want to bring more!
This will be a Rifle only match, no carbine will be needed.  Match Fee is $20. Lodging is avalible for $30 per person. 

If you have any questions please contact Steve at (785) 524-5330 or emai at swirth@wildblue.net

IMGA Scoreing and Rules apply. If you think Carbine Shots to 500yds. and Precision Rifle Shots to just over 1200yds. sounds like some thing fun to try this is for you. We are unaware of anyplace else in Kansas where you are able to attempt these distances. We will be shooting a lot of steel, so Match calibers are limited to .300 Magnum. If you have some thing bigger, bring it along for after the Match.

  We are a group of Firearm enthusiests who enjoy the challenge of Carbine and Rifle shooting at distance. We have Rifle shots from 50yds. to just over 1200yds. The majority of Carbine and Rifle will be in the 500 to 800yd. Range.

Do not be intimidated by these distances, most of us shooters are using Deer Rifles to attempt the Long distances. Who ever has the biggest smile at the end of the day wins.


May 19th 2012

July 7th 2012

August 4th 2012

August 18th 2012


Steve Wirth
Match Director